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Explorer Errors

Issues with windows explorer and shutting down

Window Explorer keeps stopping/Windows Explorer Changed File Dates

explorer.exe keeps turning on and off[moved from xp]

Windows Explorer corrputing files

Explorer.exe Freezes When I Browse File System

Disappearing icons/crashing explorer shell

Windows Explorer Shutdown

[VISTA] '_____ has stopped working' + Random Freezing

explorer.exe Stops Working

Need help: Windows Explorer hangs up

Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) crash on startup

Windows Explorer keeps on restarting

Windows Explorer is not working properly

how to change default Explorer screen

WIN Explore Error

explorer.exe restarts repeatedly from windows startup

Windows Explorer keeps crashin. need help.

explorer.exe freezing on keyboard shortcuts

Windows 7 "Windows is restarting."

i.explore.exe DLL error message.my computer keeps shutting itself down!

Infinite Hourglass in Windows Explorer

windows explorer crashed

windows explorer will not close

Explorer.exe constantly restarting

Window explorer hangs

the explorer gets ended abruptly and explorer starts again

windows explorer dosen't work

Windows Explorer is crashing

Windows Explorer Constantly Crashing and System Running Extremely Slow

explorer service

Windows Explorer Not Responding on Startup

Missing icon from the Explorer tree.

Need help for Window Explorer Memory Error

windows explorer error report window

Explorer.exe crashes on startup

problem windows explorer

Windows explorer crashing

Explorer.exe process accidentally exited

Microsoft windows has stopped responding

Windows Explorer Constant Crashing

Windows Explorer error

Windows Explorer in Page Error

Windows explorer has stopped working.[moved from IE]

BSOD and Unresponding Systems [moved from Vista /Windows 7]

explorer.exe restart problem

Windows Explorer has stopped working !

[resolved] slow browsing due to Explorer?

Explorer crashes after folders closed.

windows explorer has stopped working Repeatedly

Windows Explorer crash mutiple times!

windows explorer not working

Windows explorer stopped working!

Explorer keeps crashing in win7

Windows Explorer Hangs

explorer.exe freezing frequently.

Windows explorer shutting down

Windows explorer continuously crashes and restarts

windows explorer stops working when trying to open folder form a DVD.

Windows explorer hang

Windows Explorer Freezing when accessing D:

windows 7 explorer keeps crashing

Windows Explorer Closing and Restarting

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