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There is no way that such a search can be made on windows 7. You just cannot have your way with it. NOTE: Linux is case sensitive so this will not find mYfILE.txt. I played around with it, and it seems to be yet another Microsoft resource sucker that has performance issues, not much better than the first DT search they rolled out. have a peek at these guys

Ron Hunt says: 6 years ago rmoore … you have gone to some trouble to post a detailed explanation of how to find a file by searching. Hit Enter how to improve system performance in windows Locate the Indexing Service (Windows XP) or Windows Search (Windows 7), change the service startup type to Disabled and then click on Why does hardware division take much longer than multiplication? cjlNov 17, 2009, 7:30 AM I've always left indexing on - I like the faster searches.

What Is Windows Indexing

XP is probably the best and easiest and fullest configurable data searcher ever. Irchr says: 6 years ago I too hate the new search features of WIndows 7. Book your tickets now and visit Synology.

Yeah OK. We have all (maybe….) been parted from large amounts of money for an OS that got rid of a really reliable search facility and replaced it with a joke that cannot Go ahead and open Windows Explorer by either clicking on the Windows Explorer icon (often located right next to the Start button on the task bar or if your keyboards has Indexing Ssd Until MS fixes this random silliness, Directory Opus is my solution of choice.

I lost too must time about figuring out how this search option would work Thank you brownce63 says: 7 years ago Windows 7 search is a joke! Disable Indexing Windows 10 This causes your hard drive to start making noises and slows everything down. passiveagressive We know, because that's what Novacain said, Steven. I don't want to "modify my search options" There should only one option "search the damn pc"!

If you open my computer and just highlight a drive or directory there is always a search bar top right of the window. Allow Files On This Drive To Have Contents Indexed Windows 10 If you do a search on Windows wildcards, you'll find lots of info on this but essentially, the ? By default, the Search Indexer in Windows 7 indexes the most common locations where your files would be stored, i.e. I just don't see the problem with this article or understand why all these XP users are having such difficulty using what seems to be a very simple feature. ???

Disable Indexing Windows 10

My computer stopps working while indexing which needs a very long time. It is the worst one ever. What Is Windows Indexing Try searching through any more files than that, and the SSD will be slower. (I have more than 1000 e-mails just within a given month saved on my hard drive in Turn On Indexing Windows 7 You'll see it's probably in the Started state and is set to Automatic.

As long as you replace that part with "because it slows down my machine" or with "because small drives don't need it as much", it becomes a valid statement. http://agileweb.org/windows-7/windows-parition-is-corrupted-after-failed-disk-check.php To get started , click on Start, then type in search into the search box. Firstly, if you still want to be able to search common locations like Documents or My Pictures, etc, then you can selectively disable indexing for other non-essential location. Properties. Disable Indexing Windows 7

I hate the search function. Skip all the content searches just find me the filename! Keep in mind when choosing which option you want to use, indexing is more or less for the start search bar. check my blog The (horrible) new search feature is only one of the literally hundreds of things which worsened a lot since Widows XP.

If further details are necessary I will gladly supply these. Turn Off Indexing Windows 8 It significantly improved overall performance and stopped a lot of unnecessary disk thrashing.I'm wondering if I should continue this trend on my new core-i7 build, which is light years better than It does work the way I expect.

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Previously the indexing service often took up 50 % of my CPU and even when just searching for files in the start menu, it took 5-10 seconds to show up (I The writer of the article does seem to live in an alternate reality. I searched for the mail file *.ost and it only found the file if I did the search in the exact folder where file was. Windows 7 Indexing Not Working Turns out, Windows 7 will only search within a document if the file is sitting there on your hard-drive.

Go through the following simple steps to disable search indexing. Halfdan Reschat I turned off indexing and all of a sudden searching for files goes FAR faster. Tweet Recommended For You How To Permanently Disable Search Indexing In Windows 8 [Tip] XSearch Is Classic Windows Search Tool Without Indexing Service How To Enable Indexing(Tracker Search Tool) In Ubuntu http://agileweb.org/windows-7/windows-7-thinks-my-memory-stick-is-a-floppy-disk.php XP is better.

I am going back to XP. I imagine there is a reg-hack somewhere but I don't know. So what I would to know is: Is it worth leaving indexing as it is OR is it worth the overhead and enabling it? Can Chelsea Manning be sued in civil court by anyone named in the documents he leaked?

So, the bottom line is it is impossible to index network drives on Windows 7. What is the mechanism that transforms pressure into velocity? Tell the designers to go back and look at the XP search feature. jsps999 says: 7 years ago I'll consolidate MY Win7 experiences including Win7's (belch/spew) absolutely useless "Search" function by saying that overall Windows 7 is pure unadulterated CRAP!!!