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Registry Backup - Doubt


Fig. 05 If the change doesn't work out all you have to do is reference the backed up entry (the one highlighted in green or blue) for the original value and If you are trying to use this method to restore large chunks of the registry, you can export a key, modify the exported file to have the correct key path instead There's more about System State later in the article along with discussions of System Restore and System Image which can be used instead of System State. Co-authors: 22 Updated: Views:423,277 Quick Tips Related ArticlesHow to Delete a Program Completely by Modifying the Registry (Windows)How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry That Prevents Windows XP from StartingHow to Check This Out

There is no application or part of Windows 7 that is programmed to look for a string value named TEG_ScreenSaverIsSecure_Original so it can happily co-exist with ScreenSaverIsSecure, providing a journal or Ultimately, it's up to you to determine if the .REG File Method will be suitable for the particular changes you're going to be making. It's freeware, although I highly recommend you make a donation to the author. The HK_CU_Desktop name I used in this article works for me because it fits right in with the standard shorthand I use all the time.

What Files Constitute The Windows 7 Registry

Backing up is simply exporting information from the registry into a file that is saved on your system. The Official Solution If you are comfortable working with DOS commands, Microsoft has some advice on how to proceed. You forgot to advise to re-enable User Account Control… Altogether excellent how-to information.. It's important to remember that the registry is really just a big compilation of data and settings that sits there waiting to be accessed by Windows 7 itself or by an

Answer this question Flag as... Click on "Save". 3 Familiarize yourself with the registry editor. At this point the question is often asked why having the two values listed in the registry doesn't cause a conflict. What Files Make Up The Windows 7 Registry A Poor Design?

Look at the majority of registry edits and you'll see they involve changing values, not adding or removing keys. A better design would be to use separate initialization (.ini) files for each program, which is just what Windows 3.1 did. Just see Step 1 below to get started. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/31136/how-to-restore-previous-versions-of-the-registry-in-windows-7/ Don't do it.

This article was jointly written by myself and Ramesh from WinHelpOnline, who has also covered how to do the same thing on Windows XP. Restore Registry Windows 7 Press [Enter] or click regedit in the search results area. Method Three - Navigate to where the .reg file is saved and right click the file to open the context menu. Considering the four choices above, the most effective and safest method of backing up the registry is to use the Registry Hive Files option.

Where Are Registry Backups Usually Stored Windows 7

It can also be deadly. Clean Install - Windows XP Installed Upgrade Install - Windows XP Installed Clean Install - Windows Vista Installed Upgrade Install - Windows Vista Installed Clean Install to VMware Virtual Machine Another What Files Constitute The Windows 7 Registry Method One - From the Registry Editor menu bar select File > Import... Why Does Windows Automatically Save The Registry Hopefully your mind is focused on the task at hand and the proper .reg file is selected.

If I was limited to only one choice of backup before editing the registry, that's included with Windows 7, I'd definitely choose System Restore with all of its shortcomings. his comment is here In the Keys Pane, right click on the individual key (in this case Desktop) you want to back up, click [Export], assign the backup a descriptive filename and select the type Coverage includes: Enhancing performance by removing unneeded items Making smart tradeoffs Safely removing unneeded registry entries Using command-line utilities Keeping Internet Explorer under control Making simple but effective system tweaks Creating Type regedit inside of the text box. What Files Constitute The Windows 8/7 Registry

To illustrate how the .reg file can quickly increase in size if an incorrect entry point is selected take a look at the table below. You should expect problems with some of your applications after you re-install Windows, because there may be registry entries which are lost that the application requires. The answer is; Maybe, depending on what edits you made. http://agileweb.org/windows-7/windows-7-backup-cd.php Will it really do so or are your expectations about to be dashed?

Remove any application listings which have already been uninstalled. Restore Registry Windows 10 Clicking No will end the process with no information being entered in the registry. This is where Merge versus Replace comes into play.

Sometimes they work, sometimes not.

Repeat this process for the same key path inside of the HKEY_CURRENT_USER location as well. Of all the methods that come supplied with Windows 7, System Restore is probably the best all around in spite of the cumbersomeness, lack of customization, and excruciatingly slow performance. Not only will it require less disk space to save, it can be merged quickly and is easier to edit, if necessary, with less chance of error. Restore Registry Windows 7 Command Prompt RTG Bills And The Registry RTG Bills, our time and billing software for law firms, does not use the Windows 95 registry.

It’s probably most useful for restoring the sections pertaining to a specific application. We store initialization information in the files Rtgbills.ini, Rtgtimer.ini, and Xport.ini. Other company and product names may be trademarks of the companies with which they are associated. navigate here You go ahead and edit the registry using Registry Editor, but unfortunately your changes don't work as planned.

The Downside of the .REG File Backup Method It's pretty much a consensus among experienced registry editing users that allowing a double-click on a .reg file to initiate the merging process October 6, 2010 Mohammad Fawzi Thanks. He has also contributed articles to technology magazines, such as InformIT, SQL Server Professional, Visual C++ Developer, and Visual Basic Developer. And make sure you have a valid backup and restore point.

Access Previous Registry Hives from Shadow Copy Important Note: before we get started, we should really give you a disclaimer: you should not use this technique unless you know what you’re It's just that you are insulated by Control Panel from seeing what went on behind the scenes in the registry. In Fig. 09 I used the file name HK_CU_Desktop and because we are discussing hive file backups I selected Registry Hive Files [*.*] as the file type. The Registry (.REG) File Method Unlike the previous methods discussed, using .reg files to back up individual keys and entire branches of the registry is a well established, proven method that

I'm using Fig. 08 as the basis for this discussion. Did this article help you? This is a low risk method because it forces you to consciously select the .reg file you want to import. This file will almost certainly boot the system, since it worked at some point in the past.

Directly accessing the registry is far more dangerous. Click on the "File" menu and select "Export". The point is, ensure you have a current, tested backup of all system and data files and understand how to restore the system in case something goes very wrong. To select multiple entries to delete, hold down "Shift" or "Ctrl" while clicking.

Restoring a Hive File Backup to the wrong location can wipe out substantial chunks of the registry and virtually ensure the system will not function.