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Access restriction to files on xp from vista

Sound Won't Work - Windows 7

Windows 8.1 restarts and hangs on bootup

Memory related BSOD; precise cause?

Computer freezing randomly (brand new)

after shut down my pc seems to go to login page

*Please Help!* folder freezing!

File Sharing between 2 Vista PC's

is free upgrade any good?

[resolved] Big sound problem

Freezing ACER PC - registry? RAM? Hard disk?

Windows 10 build 10240 now available

Start/Context Menu Highlight Color

Device driver not downloading

Spybot S & D Install Files Disappear

Windows logging on and off without me doing anything

Programs Not Opening

help! new screen setting all wrong

Nothing works after installing windows 10

Taskbar still missing.

Problem With Accessing Windows On Pc

Comp restart and i was given this error

Windows failing to load.

Files and transfer settings nightmare! please help!

problems with streaming video after win 7 update

Windows Crashes after Loaing Up

My Computer Won't Shut Off!

Puter Hangs at shutting down

Wndows 10 Anniversary Disaster!

windows 10 - some website are not working - due to 19th update

hp pavilion a1747c Major Problems


Nothing on my laptop will open.

Programs aren't opening on start up!

PC freezes sometimes

Numerous problems including slow system and ATI driver not working

Trouble Opening iTunes

Explorer.exe only opens folder if left click

Start up & shut down sounds work . but no sound anywhere else

screensaver settings does not save

XP Taskbar is covering all other windows

Windows fails to boot (hard drive failure)

outlook express window size

Windows needs activated - Previous Resolved Thread

Custom file properties appears in folder details

Slow WIndows 10

Thinking of suing MS over win10 auto update?

Reinstall windows/license

HELP! Sleep/Hibernate Problems

Random Vista Crashes

ntoskrnl error

Windows 10 & Publisher [moved to win10]

Some BSOD's

Either windows updates are breaking my PC

disable logon screen from msdos

windows 7 home cant access domain shares

laptop freeze when i start typing

Questions - Vista to Windows 7 Upgrade

Window 10 No internet Access Issue

Window screen problem

problem using 16 bit software on XP

Windows does not open

Rediculous Windows XP ugrade / install problem !

slow performance

User's account missing

After computer sleeps: Hard Drives disappear and Bluetooth mouse doesn't wor

Conime.exe Trojan or not?

Automatic updates now preventing access to internet

Thai characters not displaying

Touchpad driver isnt workin too well

Adapter Problem

could use some help with nothing opening from desktop

Gaming PC BSOD during game and when waking up from Sleep/Hibernate

My win2k server hangs and restarts

System Crashes.SORT OF!?

Drivers- Restoring Factory settings

BSOD error - Today

Documents and Programs files are hidden - GMER scans the 'missing' files

My keyboard and mouse dies after a while of inactiveness

Windows XP blow-up (shell issues)

Having Serious System Errors with Windows

Taskbar search/windows messenger/mail not working

Error sound at shutdown

problem with usb 2.0 host controller

winxp freezes at idle/ startup

Hangs and BSOD

Difficulty Reinstalling Windows

Video and sound stops problem

SrtTrail.txt error Windows 10

[BSOD] Random crashes

Compenent MSINET.OCX"or of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is mis

Excluding folders/directories from windows XP search

S6410 PCI audio driver not working

New BSOD after having solved previous crashes

Add or Remove Programs won't open

Laptop gone jumpy.

Program crashes/BSoDs/failed installations

Computer very slow and "choppy" when loading

Oh no. BSOD!

Windows xp screws up like clockwork after every 3 months after reinstall

How gain control? Windows opens. Then everything freezes.[moved from security]

Suspected malware prob. Causing system crash and restart?

Black Context Menu

Windows 10 slowed down my internet!

Slow Boot/start up + Lag

Help With Installation Crash !

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