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The bugcheck was: 0x0000009f.

Resolution issue

Debugging MiniDump file -- XP SP3

File folders won't open by default

Win10 and Homegroup problems

Driver Troubles

My Computer is Missing! Really.

moving old system folders to new system installation.

Windows erased settings when I logged on

Problem with Vista's. *Helpful* Security Alterts

8 Ways to Customize the Windows 10 Start Menu

Turn off last folder memory

Need some help with BSOD

New PC Won't Play Video--DRM issues?

Another Windows XP SP3 0x000000D1 BSOD problem

Delayed boot up

Can't Download or Install Anything!

browsing folder has become suddenly slow

printer help PLEASE

Windows Vista doesn't want to restart half the time

no sound since reinstalled windows

Not the administrator anymore

Windows Live Messenger ad pop-ups - dual screens

Extremely Laggy/Glitchy PC--Completely stuck

Windows 10 Pin Account ?

Did they remove or disable certain system sounds?

Computer wont recognize USB ports and monitor

Random Freezing/recovery

can not open my Windows live Gallery

Vista Sharing Help

Install Updates and Restart Won't Go Away

Windows 10 problem

AVG update messed up system

Accidently moved a file from my system32 folder

cursor won't work whenever I press any keys

My Documents and all my files in it lost

Laptop screen takes long time to resume

background on the screen -

Lengthy start-up/shut-down

System Freezing

Why won't Media Player play files as it downloads?

combofix !

Windows 10 Technical Preview

lock window size

Windows 64 bit patch

CD-Rom autoplay settings

Hello Iam having Start Menue Problems

TheFreeVPN - file corrupted upon launch & drivers installation issue

Program cannot autostart.

computer startup slowed to a crawl

msconfig has entry cwindll.exe that will not stay off.

Can I use my laptop as a bluetooth headset?

Can't get past 'Starting Windows'

Laptop suddenly not running programs quickly

Can't open a window

Random Crashes - Problems

Windows 10 Apps Not Opening

Icons in Windows Explorer turned black

Desktop refuses to work

2 Issues: Blue Screens and Infinite Startup Loops

My computer is acting slow on Windows Startup and it's just messed up.

Win ME spyware

can't load windows

No taskbar

Customizing windows explorer

Explorer.exe Crashes Constantly New Issue.

Problems After Windows Update

Intermittent freezing to total freeze

Can't open programs!

Micro-stutters/Micro freezing issue

Error: 0x800704DD

switching from norton to mcafee

Beware of the latest Wimdows Update!

My pc freeze

Video/Graphics Issue after 8.1 Update

3 minute boot time and sound studder

Dual Ethernet Connection Sharing

how to run VB6 programs in Vista

messed up windows 7 install. Can't do anything with computer now.

windows not open

Slow File Opening

Windows Will not launch applications

Windows XP v Kensington

Window asking for Key

Computer slow - please help me check!

PC freezes after 10-30 seconds

Failing to Install Updates

Help! Windows will not boot correctly!

Did windows perform a 1-year rollback

Installation Errors Etc.

PC lockups and re starts BSOD

Exclude Storage Device From Auto Play in Windows 7

BSOD! Please Help!

freeze; slow; corrupted files; Doubleclick; high CPU

Toggle between input languages

Task Bar Problem

Windows 8 Boot

Printer does not work in XP

Dialog Boxes Always Show Up on 2nd Monitor

How to install the Windows 10 Preview: Everything you need to know

Start button sluggish and search not working

PC takes 3 mins to boot min.

cmd.exe Font too small

Random freezing/hanging

After "update" my PC is messed up

Windows blocking my file!

Problem with Windows Mail

Blue screen on windows server 2008 r2 standart edition

Can't re install System Restore

No Desktop icons or programs listed in All Programs

Taskbar Issues - Two times and Small Task Icons

Lost Shutdown Icons Replaced With Drop Down Screen

BSOD randomly

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

uTorrent freezes my pc.

Can't open some programs on Win98 - Help.

Why is my process constantly increasing memory usage?

Dual boot to play old games.

DVD movie album wont respond

Edit BCD bootloader to boot from USB

Single Program Windows 10 Problem

Upgrade to Windows 10?

Computer Runs Extra Slow and System Has 99% Mem. Usage

Taskbar issues.

resolution problem after clean install

XP Network adapter issues

Have to reset ethernet adapter in Vista for Internet access

Blue Screen Crashes & Occaisional freeze ups

Stand by and screen saver do not work.

Programs Won't Load After Upgrade

nwifi.sys Vista BSOD

How to get rid of old Windows XP files from original build?

Lost my admin rights

problem with administrative privileges in win8

Volume Control Problem

Can't get rid of Japanese keyboard layout

why no 1680x1050 in win7?

network connection problem

Slow computer and Apps opening couple minutes after clicking

This pc is takeing 30 mins. to start up. Help!

drivers problems

How to stop windows asking for update?

Can't Install Windows 10

Problems uninstalling prog in win7 HP 64

Resolution Settings in Properties Won't Save

Cannot type password

Wait for 7 or Vista Upgrade?

Slow UAC

reserving a win 10 key?

cannot upgrade from directx 8.1 to 9.0c

Laptop Freezing up both on Startup and after ~ 1 Hour

Windows keeps trying to shut down and reboot for security reasons HELP

Facing BSOD all of a sudden

Windows 10 Activator And Problems

Cleaning Up Laptop - Administrator Problems

Windows 7 Free Upgrade Program?

windows freezes 10 minuets after startup

Vista won't support Printer

Lost administrator privilege

My Computer wakes up from sleep only when I press the power button.

Problem with windows

Netwok Printing Problem

Complicated issue: computer "reloading"

Windows automatically setting certain programs to low priority without my permission.

allporgrams and personal documents and files are gone

Windows 7 doesnt get past loading screen

No .exe files work! I keep getting corrupt install message! PLEASE HELP

Slow mouse click

Random reboot/ only in the morning

DCOM restarts PC constantly

Display freeze/blue screen message

System has high mem usage. Why?

IE 5 problem after uninstalling Google Search programs for desktop

Cannot identify cause of computer freezing

explorer.exe is refreshing every 2-4 seconds

My Icon in the task bar missing

HI All - Major explorer.ex lags and its spreading

Flashing Taskbar and Desktop Icons

8.1 slower and computer programs.

Mozilla rolls out Firefox for Windows 10 with browser-choice cues

Random Desktop Focus

Right Speaker screwed up

Pulled out USB and got WDF_VIOLATION BSOD

Help! Norton won't run!

Convert MS user acct to local

Weird freeze when starting any installer

User Accounts Gone

im getting a couple hundred popups an hour need help

Toshiba Driver Problems

Running blocked programs

Slow Computer and Random Popups

BSOD only when downloading

Windows update not installing properly - computer won't boot up

Problem with Windows Time Clock

combo fix

Windows Vista colour problem.


Downgrade Win 7 to XP on Toshiba

problem with toolbar

Windows Explorer Restarts Every 10 Secs

Hiberate/Standby Problems

can't access windows

Something seems to be wrong with my Desktop

Windows not maximizing

New system crashes all the time.

My whole TaskBar keep flashing images

Cannot turn on Windows Automatic updates!

Win 10 files and maps Lost months after update

pop-ups and frequent freezing

Weirdness here. Random windows on a fresh load of windows.

Win 10 crashes w/ laptop using 2nd monitor

XP/ IE7 Update - Caused HD Crash ?

Can't Run 16 Bit App on XP x86 VMware - Windows 7 x64

Standby and Hibernation problem

Taskbar/Start Menu Freezes

C:\WINDOWS\uncfcts.dll module missing.

won't allow password on waking computer

Cant access my add/remove program in control panel

Spyware has disabled running SpyBot

Taskbar Disapears on its own sometimes

My computer is using my mic. all the time!

Taskbar Size

Windows Restore: How to keep selected files

applications stealing focus and flashing taskbar.

Lots of windows problems

Help Accessing old User Documents & Settings?

Scaling monitor display with dual monitors

Stuck trying to reformat

Network stuck at identifying

computer slow to shut down

BSOD while installing a new application and newly found disk space!

can't install clean version

funny w10 issue

Computer not booting 9/10 times and update problems

Help Reading Minidumps

Audio Issues well playing games

explorer.exe 50% CPU Usage

lost windows games

rundll32.exe crashes & XP problems

Persistent BSOD Issue Since Installing Windows 10

windows xp home cannot defrag

How to prevent telephone numbers being "skyped"

Solitaire missing

Problem installing updates

Directx 9c Problem

Windows restarts when it feels like.

Team Viewer 11 doesn't connect and crashes

Moderately High-End Laptop Slow and Buggy after Win 7 Re-Install

ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt

window 10 problem

PC reboots at internet attempt

Problems with Installation

Sound Problem: Choppy Sound

Small icons missing from "User Accounts"

Windows Recovery Virus - Problems Still Exist.

network adapter problem

Complete Hang (No BSOD)

This Computer Is Utter Crap

Corrupted OS?

Logon password problem

command prompt error --I think


Multiple BSOD Errors and A Computer Freezing problem

Disable cleartype on desktop only? (XP)

My computer froze and I can't figure out why.

Windows 10 build 10151 has leaked

bsod/wont boot from cd

Updating USB ports

Mini 110 (1030NR) missing ethernet and LAN adapter drivers after upgrade

Random BSOD - help!

Cascading window for application

BSOD and Loss of Memory.

defragmenting does not defragment all files

What causes catastrophic Windows updates?

win 7 64bit. No video

Why do I need 12 year old password on new PC?

Programs crashing

Problem w/ Network after restart

Start Menu loading time?

trying for the last 3 days but cannot delete startup entries

Windows Update stoped in the middle now everything is messed up

task bar double sized

Reinstalled Windows- Won't boot up(RESOLVED)

lost admin privil. & control panel

F10 doesn't work

Booting trouble. >:(

Slow startup after computer goes asleep. How can I speed this process up?

All KINDS of problems/slow machine/memory getting eaten/etc. Please help.

Windows 10 crashes at start up

Problems with my windows

After trying to set up dual-boot

something downloading from my computer.

Pc freezes when idle sometimes.

[XP Home] problem installing directx 9c

Xp freezes when boots to desktop

nero and many other programs will not install

Tiny taskbar icons for programs

Computer Doesn't Hibernate Any More?

December 09 or 10 microsoft Update wasted my OS


Slow Computer Shutdown

Windows Upgrade problem

Help Please Windows Problem

direct x9 problems

PC won't go into Standby on its own.

Need help upgrading to Windows 10.

Shutdown.too long

windows root/system32/ntoskrnl

RESOLVED: Task Bar buttons disappeared

Hi i have a problem about my Audio Card driver

Windows 10 admin issue

Asus tablet pc - usb and windows function errors

unknown program opening and closing immidiately every minute

Non Standard User Profile - Unable to Sign In to Store - Apps Do Not Work

Computer restarts overnight

HUGE blank space when right clicking desktop icons.

rundll32.exe prob

SD card problem - BSOD

Intellipoint mouse software

My folder settings get reverted/return to default!

[RESOLVED] Computer "ticking over" - something to worry about?

computer freezes/locks up (no bsod)

Window Explorer / System really slow after playing video

Vista 64 nnot seeing all installed RAM

Multiple issues possibly caused by windows 10 update

Volume problem when using INTERNAL speaker

Explorer.exe keeps closing

Windows Upgrade Question(s)

Lost admin rights on Windows 7

email wont open[moved from laptops]

re:cant defrag

PC Installing Problem

New build won't load up Vista disc

BSOD and other freezing problems.

reformatted dell. no sound driver

Strange lag and sound jumping (Help VERY much needed)

Sony Vaio - no sound in Windows 10

unable to switch users w/o logging off.


New Laptop choppy video

Windows not Starting.

Weird random installation window and other problems.

All files in Vista just went weird

windows not loading

Computer Crashes and restarts once 3d graphics are displayed

Import email addresses into WLM 2009

Very Frequent Crashes and BSODs

shortcuts not appearing on desktop/start menu

System Freezing Intermittenly

Windows XP SP3 0x000000D1 BSOD problem

Mysterious Blue Screen 0x00000119

windows 10 stuck on black screen

Windows 10 High Contrast Color ?

Recovery/Repair/Reformat No Work

Software similar to Briefcase in Window

New laptop not up to Vista?

Connection service issues

New problems with desktop

Win XP Problems! annoying!

IME for XP

Computer booting very slow

Unbelievable SLOW install of Win XP Pro on very old laptop (12 hours and counting .

Every program crashes

Randomly BSOD on my new PC - netio.sys (0xFFFFF8800177C58D)

ARPCache registry entry missing

Changing Login Picture

Desktop settings not saved

Most used section of the Win 10 start menu does not update

desktop problem with one user account

Windows Unexpectedly Restart

My System Is Still Crashing :(

computer updates every time shut off and usb ports don't work

Ten Windows Updates Failing Instalation

Windows 7 and older programs

Can't Add "Service" in Local Area Connection Properties

Second monitor without monitor

Audio Skips

Have to enter Pin if PC left for 5 Minutes.

Right Click Restarts AOL

Upgraded to sp2 and then had no network connections

Hibernation Vs. Powering Off

Slow Computer - programs crashing please help

Taskbar takes about 5 minutes to load at startup.

Driver Issues

pcsync problem

Virus Found: Exploit when scanning with AVG - computer slow

wierd problem freaking me out! no copy or paste!

Frequent crashes after driver update

Programs & applications lost on vista

[resolved] Computer will not boot

With XP (service pack 2) can you output sound from 2 sources simultaneously? HDMI (HD

endless reboots

how to permanently disable BITS ?

I have to click on windows every few minutes to stay On that windows

AVG antivirus is not opening.

Folder View - Reset to Default All Folders ?


Nothing can repair Lost Volume Control in WinXP

Computer won't go past Windows loading screen.

to upgrade or not

BSOD on new build in desktop apps

Desktop icon labeled "blank" keeps reappearing in Program files List

Can't get to Desktop?

Windows Explorer Flickering on and off

Windows 10 Professional not detecting Garmin 2699LMTHD

Retrieving pre-installed programs after Win 7 Upgrade

Blinking "loading" icon

Problem with user accounts:no taskbar

Can I transfer my Windows 10 to a new laptop from an old SSD of a previous laptop?

Lost left mouse button functionality; Outlook downloads; and blue STOP error screen

Help! no more network connection!

Really slow in finding files

Update Win 7 to Win 10 not getting Icon

Multiple problems since updates!

BSOD whilst gaming

Window fails to start after changing BIOS to default settings

pc crashing

Internet Explorer can't see network

Laptop Woes - Multiple Issues

Blue Screen Upon awaking from stand by

Help! Lost original Admin when making new user accounts!

Comp Freezing HJL

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10525

Random Frequent BSODs

Win 10 Installation Issue

Mozilla/Microsoft issue

Sound choppy when listening to cds

Document folder crash / freeze

Random BSOD's while not at computer

Strange freezes even after formatting and re-installing

No Bluetooth

switching from the Start tiles format to the Desktop

Cannot Reinstall Corrupt Antivirus

How to create an exception in Windows 10 firewall

User Account Missing But Files Present

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10586

Computer Freezes - Maxes out 100% CPU Useage

is it possible to make tiles in start menu

Windows 10 screen goes black after 2 mins of inactivity

Need help with shutting down please

Uxtheme.dll was not found.

Windows 10 update eating space

Recent Strange Errors with Windows Explorer

Start Menu Freezes XP

Vista Upgrade = Lost Programs

Installing windows problem

Anti Virus keeps disabling

Windows won't recognize 4GB of RAM

Computer won't boot past loading screen

Unable to Open Microsoft Store

Cant login? Big problem!

System backup failure

second user can't log on

Ran a defrag

pc locks up then restarts using bittorrent

pop ups lost task manager

USB Devices Become Unrecognized 30 Mins After Boot

How does my PC restart without me manually doing so?

Making recovery disks problem

taskbar problems.

Windows will not start

Windows settings reset on start up

Desktop Task Bar restarts when i open My Computer

screen saver flicker or w/e -- problem -.-

DWM Crash one day then BSOD the next?

Getting random BSODs

Windows 10 only Boots with Installation Media

Upgrade vs. Full Version

I click a user account name and computer does nothing

Shutdown Dialog slow to appear and causes lag

Serious Problem - Windows will always log out after logging in

Do not have rights to install donwloaded updates

Bsod error.eventID 41

Something is closing my windows.

Nosound Problems

extremely slow initial boot

Windows xp Shortcuts n Sounds

intermittently choppy computer/audio

long shutdown time

no-show user account

Services cause freeze at startup

Explorer.exe Freezes/restarts

Transparent windows freezing

Some minor issues after new hardware install

missing windows loading logo?

No Sound except Windows

XP Media Center wont install

dawnp46 right-click properties

OS will not boot

Weird network issue with win8

Do I still need all of those old updates ?

High CPU and Memory Usage and others.

Windows 10 is Corrupted

How to check for corrupted Windows Update file installation

Sudden sympton: Much longer booting

Random Freezing - Clean Computer?

missing programs

taskbar buttons gone

customise my settings

Problems with User Accounts

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