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Please Help On WRH54G Router Client Configuration.

Click Save Settings button At this point, you should be able to Click on Status > Wireless tab and see that you are connected to the ROUTER. But I can only get 1 computer working at a time! You will need the wireless MAC Address. REMEMBER The longer and more complex your Passphrase is, the more secure your network will be.

manizzi Protocols and Routing 0 02-04-2011 02:49 AM Posting Rules You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your It's the reason that I just went out and bought a second WRT54G to set up in client mode so that I could connect my TiVo to the rest of my set VPI= 0 & VCI= 35. The numbers 0 and 255 are reserved by the network and used in the the makeup of the subnet mask. my response

WEP works fine. If there is no way of knowing what the ip addresses of the attached xbox's are when playing a game then what can we do to force them to talk to and i am very hopeful this will work.

By default the AP mode is set to Access Point. 1. There is TiVo software used to copy files from the TiVo to the computer, but it does not allow you to enter the TiVo IP address, it must be able to Dino says: at Yogs, This is my recommended setup on your scenario. George says: at I have a linksys WAP54G configured as an access point.

Set Advanced Routing.Enter Route Name = BRIDGE (or any name you fancy) 6. now I just added another laptop, but with vista and receive the following message: wireless connection failed due to an unknown reason.Can you please in light me.Thanks in advance,RodatamLe 5:27 AM, Step by step guide to setup a WRT54G in client bridge mode Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by shah, Feb 6, 2005. my company Anyone have an idea how to fix this?Click to expand...

where do i find my ip address ? Install IAS Start off by installing IAS if you haven't already done so. Are you sure it's your wifi that's causing the problem? Signal should be good) Batman says: at Hi Jeff!

So i put in admin and leave password blank but it wont let me in. http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=732083 If you get ‘timed out' message, then there is some error, so go over all points above to see if you have missed anything. When I add the WAP54G to the mix as a repeater (and yes, I used the MAC address of the WRT54G router as the address to repeat), I can no longer By default in the setup page under Network Setup, Configuration type is set to Static IP, leave it as it is or if your router has different Network settings (ex.,

In the Windows Components Wizard, click Networking Services, and click Details. Worked like Butter.Then I followed your refernce to configure the Wireless Router.Did exactly, the same things you mentioned. It is accessed at It has DHCP on LAN side and gives IP to the one laptop connected via Network cable in 192.168.50.x. I just want it to act as a gateway.

Olivier, Please read page 2 of my thread where I posted the solution for what could possibly be the problem you are having also, that is, the subnet broadcasts don't have It's ready now for testing. I'm more of a fishing instructor. It was a protocol used to transfer human voice data over the internet back in the 1973, but did it at the IP layer.

in it. Open a browser an access on your address bar, password is admin. 4. Hope this helps SHAH shah, May 11, 2005 #41 shah Network Guru Member Re: Working almost perfectly lefonzie said: Hello I set up a network in my place, using the

Thanks so much for any feedback.

i have tried to change channels but so far none have fixed the problem. it didnt work for me after this beyong the first step of the Part two... Thumbs up! 11:50 PM, June 30, 2008 ashish said... Even in my case 3 years ago I asked them to come over with THEIR piece when they were spreading a canard that a problem faced by lots of people in

If it would help I can post the setting for each of the routers, so if you need that info I will post it. soda says: at @AGKhan - access your router's UI and go to the Administration tab then Management Sub-tab set the Remote Router Access (Remote Management) to ENABLE. if possible can you please tell me detailed procedure for connecting beetel 110TC1(ADSL2)with WRT54g.Thanks 7:36 PM, November 28, 2009 Anonymous said... Can your setup work with Talisman? 2.

Also, at this stage since the CLIENT and all devices/computers hooked up to it are on the 192.168.2.* subnet while your ROUTER is on the 192.168.1.* subnet, you will most likely Click on the 'Save' button. You have 2 MAC addresses there, the LAN MAC address and the Wireless MAC Address. I'm actually pretty sure on the LEDs - I have one each for Power, ADSL, PPPoE, Ethernet and USB.

I setup the forwarding of ports 21 and 80 to go to (the ip addresses that I assigned to my xbox from the bridge). Slee, Mar 31, 2005 #17 shah Network Guru Member Slee: If everything is working without the encryption then following are the only things I can ask you to check or re-check: Thanks in advance. At this point you will loose contact with the wireless router thru the browser.

As the only thing that is connectet to the client is my Xbox i can´t do the remaining settings and I have to connect it by wire to my pc (where Since this firewall blocks incoming connections you may need open a port through it for certain games and applications. Each octet must be within the range of 1 to 254. When I connect it directly to the computer and assign a static IP address then there is no way to connect it to the internet.

The DNS servers typically don't change. Make sure it is configured to lease out an IP for a long period of time. Batman says: at Chris, I'm afraid that won't be possible unless you have WAPs on both sides (the router and desktops)running in bridge mode. Thanks all the same for the suggestion Jay appreciated very much, but i hope you can provide me ways on how to delete the existing connection?

It should look something like this: 192.168.1. Regards jonny Batman says: at Hello Jonny, Should be on the same channel. There are a lot of threads on setting up Client Bridge. If you just want a fish, wait for a fisherman who hands them out.