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LAN takes a long time to load in windows xp sp2

Help! PC Admin Hijacked!

Why has my computer gone so SLOW?

My Computer is mad! This is my HiJack Log.

PC Seemingly Hijacked

Help me get my computer back!

Music plays randomly-viruscan log

Internet connection is fine

Am i hijacked?! Help!

Only One computer Having Network Trouble

Please Help Me Get Rid OF This Crap On My Computer!

My computer has gone crazy. can anyone help?

My computer spikes when im doing something.

my computer opens.nothing

I got hacked yesterday and might have a keylogger on here.

My Computer is Possessed

My computer is running slow

About mycomputer wimdow

Anything wrong with my computer?

PC wont log on to windows

Windows XP Click on My Computer Very Slow

My Computer Is Going Haywire Xp Help Plz

My computer is very sick.

help me throw this computer out the window / did WOW mess up my computer?

My computer is super slow

our other comp. got hijacked

Hijack this log help--there is sth wrong with my computer.

My computer has gone to crap.

ahtn has taken control of my laptop

Annoying message played everytime I start my computer

im preety sure ive been hacked earlier today

My computer is slowed down

New here. Done with First steps. Multiple Trojans need some URGENT HELP!

laptop HACKED need help locked out

Random sounds through computer

Unable to login in to FB from my Laptop OS win7

I've been highjacked!

Helping Cleaning Up a Friend's Computer

Too many programs on my computer. What can I do?

My computer is infected with Vundo

Computer seems a little slow.

Virus? Speakers sreaming audio from internet

My computer is extra slow at loading up

cant open C: & E: drive

my computer was controlled.

My computer won't stop freezing

Why is my computer shutting down?

Computer compromised with keylogger.Please help!

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