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Troubles With IE8


Alternatively, you can also access the Internet Options from the browser File menu.Now go to the "Advanced Tab" and select "Reset":You need to quit all browser windows before using this function. One new IE8 feature is private browsing (actually three different features). For the most part, I only use Internet Explorer to run Windows Update and the occasional ActiveX utility. More if your computer is very important to you and still more if you don't know how to make a disk image backup.

You are still left to your own devices for your custom master pages. A few days ago, Leo Notenboom answered the question Should I Install Internet Explorer 8? You may either call a local expert technician or contact the MS Help and Support Center to repair Internet Explorer 8. Now i found it. 🙂 Reply Ericlaw Mar 21,2009 8:10 pm By default, IE8 will render sites on your Intranet in Compatibility View mode, so using the META tag often isn't http://www.brighthub.com/computing/windows-platform/articles/44681.aspx

Internet Explorer 8 Is Not Supported On This Operating System Windows 7

Some browsers choke on errors and just stop (IE) and others choke on errors but pretend nothing bad happened (FF) and others just ignore your errors as best they can, and It brings you to another site that is full of ads.Your searches doesn't look normal. Either use PNGs with opacity baked in or look into opacity: filter() for IE –geedew Feb 21 '14 at 21:22 Thanks for the help, everybody. Removing IE8 will make your system automatically revert to your previous version of Internet Explorer.

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