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Fixing A Friend's Computer!


Each is entitle to their opinion, but I am not coming from the POV of someone who thinks they know more simply, because they read it on the Internet. I've tried the direct route with parents before about their teenage son's porn use, and how he's not old enough to know to keep to the reputable porn sites, and it But in all honestly, many are not suited for it -- It is the reason why people and businesses like me exist. The truth is, people love to help. navigate here

I am no expert by far but most users can google and get all the info and virus removal tools they need to clean most things from thier PC's it just My family always expects me to be able to fix any computer issues. Multi-Platform: TeamViewer is available for all common computer platforms as well as Android and iOS. If only I had known this I would never have vaccumed out my PCs. http://www.howtogeek.com/132470/how-to-service-your-own-computer-7-easy-things-computer-repair-places-do/

Don't Fix Computers For Free

Kategori Eğlence Lisans Standart YouTube Lisansı Daha fazla göster Daha az göster Yükleniyor... Most of the time though, it is not as difficult as people make it seem. I always respond to all of my wife's computer ills, minor as well as serious.

I ended up with a blue screen, won't quite load up. You can connect to your friend's or family member's computer. As a result, anything that happens to the computer after you touch it may be perceived to be your fault. How To Remotely Access Someones Computer Windows 10 As Chris Hoffman very correctly said, there are many good choices.

GET AN ANTI_STATIC MAT AND STRAP AND USE IT, WITHOUT FAIL. How To Control Someone Else's Computer From Yours Tough I know. It doesn't end with computersAnother reason why I don't recommend doing free computer repairs for friends or family is because the job might not end with computer repairs. A soft brush end hold a small nozzle few inches away will not damage anything.

This makes the appreatiation so much more from both sides. Join.me Keyboard Control A degree gives you a kick-start. This is generally cheaper than building a new computer – you can get better hardware and choose exactly the hardware you want. People may not respect your time Before I stopped fixing computers for friends and family, I had a big problem with people not respecting my time.

How To Control Someone Else's Computer From Yours

January 6, 2013 cityboy3 Man i with lostnsavd! Is this where I insert Muuuhahahahahaha ! Don't Fix Computers For Free Reply Tina Sieber November 19, 2012 at 9:59 am You mean the motherboard was upside down. How To Remotely Access Someones Computer Windows 7 If you found this simple and straightforward article to be confusing then it is possibly best for you to pay to have these basic items done. @Jim Carter.

Salvador is correct, it is a vicious cycle, but I ask ya...WHO do you most want to be stuck in those with....strangers, or family and friends. check over here I have been using LogMeIn for family "issues" for quite a while, and the memory footprint and ease of use far outweighs that of TeamViewer... He also provided us with links to HTG articles that dive deeper into each subject. Reply Matt Gilbert November 13, 2012 at 6:53 pm I used to build pc's and manage the internet sharing at home for my 10 brothers and 2 parents and yes, i Control Friends Computer From Mine

As I said before, I truly believe that ANYONE can learn how to do the repair jobs listed within, with enough time and patience. then i ask if they still have their cd's that came with the computer. 99.9% of the time the answer is no. Being disabled, I have lots of time, so if it takes me awhile to figure something out, it's okay. his comment is here When I was still working for one of those companies (which shall remain nameless), I remember I had the A+ when I started working for them.

My boss told me at that they weren't even supposed to have someone with my knowledge on staff! Join Me Vs Teamviewer Once the person figures out that you are good with electronics they may have you working on other things. Most new computers have four or more.Nope.

During her free time she enjoys live music and spending time in nature.

Take it outside and use compressed air cannister or a compressor if you can borrow one or have one. January 7, 2013 yushri Good article but why not be specific and state how to service your computer's software and then perhaps how to service you're computers hardware? then i ask if they still have their cd's that came with the computer. 99.9% of the time the answer is no. Is Join.me Safe Sometime we end in wrong time and place, though.

It's like new again.John Dies at the End by David WongYou sit down, open up your browser and ask in horror, "Where's my email? When dealing with a computer that’s become bogged down by startup programs and toolbars, a simple Windows reinstall is often the fastest, easiest solution. Quickest way to kill your pc components, is to shove a nice big static discharge through them! weblink All rights reserved.

And because you don’t realize how hard a job this is, … Ads by Google 2. If it doesn't work out I suggest them to call a service center or talk to their manufacturer. :) Reply Tina Sieber November 13, 2012 at 10:41 pm Maybe the solution Why would you ask someone to help you if you don't trust them? It is very accurate to the best of my knowledge, so please stop critisizing the article.

BLOW! I enjoy it, even with the time it takes. Reply Marc Godhusen November 13, 2012 at 8:55 pm You might say that you exaggerated but I experience all this all the time as I'm the families geek! I can do it professionally but I largely don't have enough time for all of those typically silly issue as I should focus on my design & programming work instead.

That means that virtually nobody on the planet has any use for it. It takes a thorough knowledge of Windows inner workings sometimes. Yükleniyor... Some tool-bars use background services and other sneaky methods to re-enable themselves after an IE reset. 5.

Good luck with that ONE.! January 5, 2013 Pluto The virus and spyware removal section of this article is crap. January 5, 2013 BEN TEN TEN I have the most simplest invention, in the world, that will eliminate dust from ever even interring a computer; just need backing, with no questions, January 5, 2013 john3347 Ken's advice here is the best advice from the whole string of responses and better information that a lot of the article.

People adopt risky habits because they are getting free tech supportThis one might be my biggest pet peeve related to helping friends with their computer problems. Anything that happens within 30 days of my repair was my fault. In fact it is a common problem among many DIY repair/maintenance articles -- they are usually written by a technically competent person for those that are not.