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removed a virus but pc still not working.

HELP my laptop is deathly slow and i dont know what to do

Is this virus/malware related? What's up with my system?

Suspect Virus / Malware

Spyware/Virus scan says it's gone but problems continue

How do I backup the Files and Software

How to Reduce Thumnail's size and quality?Or increase?Plz Help!

Compressing movie to fit on disk?

Real problem. Please help!

Completely Reset

Unable to Re-install XP - SOLVED!

Creating a Second Vista Recovery Disk

Windows XP being Slow (Transferred From XP Support)- Malware issue?

Help saving perfmon as html file

SP3 uninstall

Rebooted PC

2 Operating Systems (Moved from Other Operating Systems)

file download/open program (& my log)

Programs connecting to the internet.

Help with spyware on my moms laptop!

user accounts window

Malicious Malware issue.

Rename Favorites menu?

ics through lan

Malware Possibly.Need Help.

How to show a message to user just after he/she logon?

Tracking Internet Sites

Is there any way to get my data back?

How to remove remote control hacks that have been put into a computer?

Slow Comp┬┐ + Color Distorted Start UP

Possible infected computer?

Delete corrupted file

spyweres & popups

Need help getting rid of this popup message

how to erase all aol software

Adding properties to details pane

Mysterious Files and Homegroup setup?

Web Browser help please

IE issue: adw_searchaid.a adware

Iexplore.exe shuts down

How to I retrieve favorites history?

Search engine redirecting to adware websites

Privoxy Problem

Problem running chkdsk /r on recovery console

URL's are being redirected to advertisement websites

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