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Power or motherboard problems?

Connecting 2 Computers

Restricted access to drives

Virus that my antivirus software cant get rid of

Installed Two OS's Need Rid Of New One

How to move address from one book to another

Need help with virus problem

My encrypted files have suddenly locked me out!

Making an Old PC into a Server - Need help finalizing a step or two. XP + Win7

Keylogger help me please.

DLL error

program popup?

Want to display desktop WIN7 extend to laptop w/ WINXP

Problem with wireless internet settings.

How to remove Recycler\470a1245.exe

Cant open downloads

Unistall when there's no Uninstaller?

Do I Have a Malware or Virus problem . Please Help

Remotely Shutting down XP Home

Multiple OS's

How to make my to make my C which says removeable disk to my H drive?

how to log onto the server

sideways screen

I'm scared to work with my Task Manager

Need help with soime Adware

USB Not Auto Starting

Security against KeyLoggers

Operating system not malware

deleting infected files

WinXP Takskbar Lock!

Computer is Infected

Re formating C: drive

cpu or motherboard?

adding icons

Enabling Sharing Folders

Double email/forum password retrieval

Extreme Unholy Malware from Below!

Removing previous OS completely

Am I Still Infected? Please Read & Respond

error message and how do you fix

I think I have spyware please help me!

[B]formating windows 7?[/B]

CD Rom drives disabled?

well I cant understand this.malware after a reformat!

cant stay in program :(

Speed immediately reduced after installing all needed programs+another speed question

Does my computer have a virus? or just a lot of crud running?

bootable PC

Virus removal without Clean This!

putting telnet to default

How would i start from new again?

How to get rid of Win32porndialer.ai

Trojan Virus? No idea but my computer needs some serious help

I'm lossing my free space every day.

start up slow and anti spy alert annoying

multiple hidden IE windows running

Constant PopUps-Logs and details.

Google language

lost emails!

Data on My Computer

PC freezing & failing to reboot. Serious Malware/Trojan/Spyware.symptons as listed.

fast reply needed: which CPU test

Working with MS DOS

Need software to protect my work! thanks

My laptop gets a lot of trojans & spyware

Name of virus that is causing people to do system restore?

Remove login password

F1 to start & other problems

Keepass Set up

Many Viruses and Spyware that won't go away.HJL in post

Image not clear

How block computer?

Installing operating system

Malware or trogans seem to be the problem

Boot Screen Help!

System and Connectivity Slow.PLEASE HELP!

folders went invisible.hw 2 meake them visible?

Many annoying Popups

Help! Constant Internet Explorer popups! log file included

Do a backup on my whole system?

Trying to set up a wireless system with printer. Where do I even start?

Color Code Individual File Names

Hyperlinks in Word 2007

UGH-annoying popups.please help!

No Preview in the Desktop Background menu

Pictures in pcture Folder

re install from restore disk

Reformatted computer and internet connection will not come up!

Clean this Virus/ Malware

Keyboard keys wont stay stuck (weird)

add favorites

XP help/ virus or malware.system files changed.

i cant find my add or remove items

Laptop completely infected.?

PC virus infected

I think my computer has a virus and I can't get rid of it!

Home office network. how do you set sharing to allow all folders on drive to

how to remove

Need Help Downgrading from Xp home to 2000 Pro

how to move a jpg image into a forum reply

Moving files from Windows.old to current applications

After System Reformat help

Re: increase net speed Issues

Reboot Crash

Security settings of Windows XP Pro prevent download and install Skype2008

Many pop-ups keep coming up

How to downgrade to xp from upgraded windows 7?

Preventing uninstallation os software

deleted files in the root directory please help

Infected with Spyware/Malware

Need assistance with PC freezing & Trojan virus

malware infected computer - help

CD-RW Problems

First Steps details - help!

very annoying adware takeover

I need help setting up wireless for my laptop

constant popups -Trojan.w32.looksky

Popups and Malware Help


ffx printing only quater size images per page

dual core install on a single core?

Seamonkey bookmark item removal

Took on all advice but computer is detecting possible Malware problems again.

Possible malware problem?

unable to restart pc since trojan removal

Malware Problem.please help me out!

Windows Firewall was turned off.

Need help with a "virus"

XP and Bios

Unclean laptop

installs dont show up in registry

help with removing malware pop ups

HELP! Major spyware/virus issues

Avast reports infections in memory processes but can't remove Windows7 64bit

infected files

transfering files from com to notebook

Games Are Crashing unexpectedly

Help with new computer and windows

major attack help

Random Delay/Slow Computer

Adding RAM


How to get rid of Win32/Cryptor

Help with binding keys please

how to delete dual os one os should be saved

Need to completely re-do my PC

all my main folders turned into shortcuts on external hd

Extremly slow pc suspected maleware

Having a problem with a friend's computer

Formatting laptop

words are highlighted in colours.how to diasble

?How do I send one email to a group?

WindowsUpdate redirects to MSN/Random Pop-Ups

Galaxy s2 phonebook

Hidden virus or just bad hardware?

Page diverted to ad

xp install locked

Strange MYComputer icon and Antivirus behaviour

xp and 98 start button position

Sharing a folder

Lag issues with Hp (may be a virus)

Help me to upgrade my old PC.

Server 2003 Has a virus! Please Help

Virus Adware

mail merge not aligning

Constant popups gone

I think I have a keylogger

Infected Computer-Very Slow & Crashes

Shortcuts refuse to delete

How to change access settings

Moving email folders

Need Help with Stubborn Rootkit

Moving Favorites?

1st time doing this

transfering files and programs to an external harddrive

unwanted new tab in IE8

Computer totally infected. Please check Hijack log and see if I missed anything?

Help With Virus/Spyware Problems

Just started crashing repeatedly

Spyware/Virus/Malware/Trojan Problem - tough.

Problems loading XP onto my new machine

Google Redirection and Random Pop Ups

shared documents and pictures on Vista 64-bit

Trouble adding 1TB HDD to XP machine

Software to make a D: partition

Playing Original DVD Movies

Total laptop Freeze (hard power shuttdown)

Video settings problem

Smaller Icons

Yahoo homepage taken over with ad links!

XP cannot connect to printer

Problem rebuilding computer

Search engine re-directs and random pop-ups

Viruswebprotect infected

help with Virus/adware issues

Installing a new police

Autoplay Virus

Installing program from file I copied to CD

Removal of malware difficult


how to block a website

sdm-hs75 logo removal

Can anyone help me on search a malaware?

How to remove "Win 7 Anti-spyware"?

bootloop.can't get out.

Laptop crashing

Virus Problem on Computer #2 help please!

getting past school block

Laptop crashed :(

Install pops-up when computer starts and when transfering files

why is restricted user still able to install softwares?

Can't even run malware scan

cannot format cd cannot copy files in vista

Computer Speed Reduced - Log

Malware/Adware - Ads placed on web pages

Gateway MX6422 Notebook CD Drive Help

system info changes

Reformat Windows

wireless network connection failed!

virus that downloads other virusis

Typing Japanese?

Lots of popups and just generally slow.

I.E. 8 ad popping up everytime open Windows 7

how to copy and paste file with the help of cmd

Vista looking for possible keylogger

Sudden Unstable Performance

Am I Infected with a backdoor?

Trouble with wireless network

A virus has made my file become locked.

Virus infected files not displayed

Reloading software problem

XP Install/Repair Without Cd

Trojan/Worm - Unable to use tskmgr

Programs try to close on me

Connected to the internet

All of my .lnk and .exe doesn't work

Possible Infection Causes Computer to Seize

Virus Scan Keeps Stopping On Certain Files! Help!

Yahoo! Search Bar.kill it!

Reinstalling Operating System

multiple redirects *and* right side popups!

Backup files

email sent thru a masking server

Fake ram amount!

think i got virus

Lots of Random Popups

Changing username

Blocking internet acess on a computer

Theme/Style DLL issue

Possible Malware? help!

How to set up this kind of network?

Google Rediriect

Blank Computer monitor due to resolution!

Help! Annoying Spyware and Malware?

Suspected keylogger and more

Overwhelmed with Tasks on Startup

How to extract .mdf from .bak in SQL Server 2005

Viruses Vista Firewall is Detecting

Suspect PC infection

Other pc needs help - can't do anything!

Help refix my laptop

How to Delete XP

Win7 install problems on new hd?

Help to Remove Virus etc!

Friend's computer swarmed with popups.

old account accesin problem .plz help

How to disable Any download?

Virus Didn't Removing.!

Deleting windows files

switching from xp back to me.

Some sort of AD/Malware

DVD reading problem

windows xp change

Unable to load old xp over newer xp

How to partition the harddisk in Vista?

how to disable portable media player

My antivirus is telling me that i have rootkits and a trojan.

Annoying popup window

Slow computer.Avg found virus in C:\

Corrupted Documents

Possible Keyboard Problem

What happens to the XP key?

Internet & Computer Restart Take Over

Keyboard and mouse died

Install Win7 64 bit over Vista 32 bit without dvd/usb

Tagging folders in XP

Install 20 PCs at same time

After cleaning a virus I have no autorun

Yahoo mail pop ups

windows needs to install driver software for your bowser

slow computer with popups

HELP! Lost files after non-destructive system recovery

Several problems with pop-ups

Homegroup problems/printer sharing win 7

Possible Virus Removal

How to remove website names

loads of popups WHAT DO I DELETE?

Possible Keylogger/Malware/Spyware Problem

Yahoo Popups in IE

got rid of malware

Recent serious virus- can't execute anything

Computer performance suddenly drastically slower + get blue screen

Not sure if I've gotten rid of virus

Stubborn popup problem?

Re: Wireless connection

I think background progams are lagging me.

3 DONGLE - how to speed up

DOS bootable dvd

Restore Backup

virus on Toshiba laptop

HOME GROUP connection

OH the Agony of pop-ups!

guest account programed with admin HOW TO UNDO?

How to get $25

Programs Opening up as another

trying to download cd game purchased

List of threats inside my computer.please help me

how to block prone sites in pc

Annoyance in Add or Remove Programs window

highlighting is gone

Well hidden malware

Re: Reformat and backing up

spywareprotectiontool & other popups

Tips for extending the life of & speeding an old computer?

Help? Old Game on New System!

laptop recovering from virus

constant ads as a result of kazzaa

Please help with Autorun.INf virus and malware issues

Help. Registry Cleaner pop-ups

printing web pages

Merging C: and D: on win 7

XP servicepack 3 uninstall problem

Armature needs help with Malware trouble

How to block single web sites on Safari

How to identify build on install disk

[resolved] Firefox Extensions window has disappeared

What is this file? How do I get rid of it?

Boot up show 2 OS's

Need to Create Installer

Fresh start: drive config suggestions?

Infected with malware

Partitioning vista drive

How do I remove password when I turn on my computer

How to upgrade Nvidia drivers properly?

something is still in background

USB drives: .lnk shortcuts .Trashes and hidden files

Popup Hijacker is killing me!

inserted as a ''Folder'' . Found as . a ''Shortcut'' !

multibooting 6 different versions of windows from the same hard disk

how do i know what viruses i have ?

Make My computer faster

Possible Adware/Spyware/Malware Problem

How 2 Delete Partiton 0n external HD

Had a virus need to reinstall

New computer got a virus already! Help in removal.

how to restore acer 1640Z

Help 22 trojans and malware cant remove

Windows XP will not install on my PC

Search Results windows pop-up on startup

I managed to remove a trojan. Can anyone check if I still have any leftovers of it?

malware issue-slow

Problems with susppected Virus/Malware

csrss.exe virus

keyboard only works if mouse is moving

Possible to remove one of two installations of windows on drive?

Breaking Bandwidth limits

reinstalled windows

computer reboot

Need help to remove virus!

try-this-search.biz keeps popping up!

Need Help w/ Spyware

PLEASE HELP: Media not adding anywhere

Monitor Display Changes Font Size

Help with getting rid of viruses and malware [moved by chauffeur2]

Need Help bad. STOLEN LAPTOP

uninstall gone wrong

No pages work.

Have I removed spyware totally?

Problem with decrypting files.

Desktop does not fit on second monitor

Annoying popup ads xlime.

Windows Live ID SIGN IN pops up + computer slow

Malware trouble

printer sharing problem with windows 7

trying to make sure a keylogger is gone. Vista 64bit

Measuring OS speed

How to install windows xp on windows 7?

Disable Chkdsk at boot?

Adware! Malware! I need help!

Delete boot second operating system

Can I bypass an unknown Administrator password?

Dell Mini full hdd and 185 user folders

How to open this folder? RECYCLER*

wrong folders opening etc

Help with my parents computer.

How do I delete errors in my Registry?

not allowing changes or installations

Running Firefox. getting lots of Internet Explorer Popups

video stream too slow

help removing spyware

A few nasty viruses are on my laptop

Please help me clean this computer

Complete Recovery CD/DVD

Pop-Up Issue

Browser Hijack-Have run Spybot

My PC has numerous detected viruses and spyware etc.

Vortal and ABCsearch Popups

Resetting XP Font Styles

Malware detected--please help as computer is slow

Help partitioning and formatting

HI malware problem again

e-mail attachments

How can you seperate work/personal profiles on one computer?

Taking screenshots

Unwanted icon showing up

someone know? DPI ?

When I start a slideshow

Restore Creation Date of a folder

Need Help - Virus/Adware/Trojans


How to get Excel and Word documents to open without the Open

Your system is infected malware

Potential Virus

windows explorer wont allow pics to move in folders

Rescuing data from the HDD of a broken laptop

PCGuard Crashes on Users with a Limited Account

How to remove duplicate xp from computer

i have a keylogger

Bagle & Co disabled AV programs

Windows Vista Suspected Malware/spyware

Help: defraging OS partition "doesn't work"

My sytem has Crushed

Stubborn Malware probelm.

Anti-virus Shutdown

How to limit multiple d/l's to one d/l @ a time

Infected with a Virus!

How to disable delete temp. internet files

Can you find all the needed XP drivers for new PCs?

step in reformatting a computer

Is there a way to improve speed of 4 yr old machine?

can sum1 check this log

Vista to XP.Back to vista?

Fake Anti-Viruses -> Can't Open Video Files (comp restarts during GMER scan)

Unable to Transmit Audio to TV with HDMI Cable

my windows vista laptop is infected

restricted folders

I can't back up my computer

Booting From Disc

citifraud; malware doesn't uninstall; slow OS

Think I have a virus?

Toshiba laptop with malware

laptop running very slowly. Please help analyze.

Unknown Malicious software Blocking anti-malware installs

Booting From Dvd-rom

Ubuntu removal


Adware/malware/virus problems.

speeding up your browser.

Need ComboFix deleted completely

Force primary screen to same physical port on XP

Virus detected but not permanently deleted

Help I am desperate. I have spys and I don't know what to do!

HELP PLEASE. my computer has a virus.

Current window keeps de-activating.some form or spy/malware?

So frustrated that I can't get rid of these ridiculous popups!

Computer now virus free?

Popups and other pesky critters

Help Deleting Files

How to make a bare-bone system to boot from USB?

I need help getting rid of popups/malware

Pop-ups keep opening up in Google Chrome

how to post correct info

RootKit Found! Need assistance immediately!

How to remove this icons?

how do I burn a copy writtin dvd using nero please help me

Frozen Desktop

Computer stuttering in games and videos and while writing or scrolling

Harddrive or a virus?

Cleaning my thinkpad

i could not rename my computer

Corrupt FAST Images

How to set the default software to open a file

CD-RW Help!

Is it possible for someone to use my interntet line remotely

trouble with viruses

Can you confirm if my system is clean?

Need help with virus/malware

Adware - not being removed

Dual OS's

Trojan-Downloader.Agent.BDBU (Helf

can't open disc drive

Saving from C drive to G external

Can't Find virus (I think its starting to gt worse)

Corrupted Data on HDD

Pop ups/ad windows

Help! - 12-11 Malware Viruses & Trojans

how to capture subtitles in Media centre

Turn off Web Content Filter?

Disassemble pop ups

virus problem; can't run first steps

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