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Detecting Proxy

HELP! Constant popups and extremely slow computer

Computer is Banjoed. Help Needed

IE Problems Adware Malware from Don't Know Where

How can you make your own custom icons?

Merging 2 drives (C & D) in Windows Vista

I keep getting this weird pop-up

Possible malware (arcadepatriot.com) in Google Chrome browser

taskbar repositionning

older laptop with viruses? how to re install os?

boot error ms config

Windowblinds problems!

Malware/Virus need help

Recovery Disks/Reformatting

How to remove Supreme Savings

Computer still infected

20gb lost after xp reinstalation!

Reformat Netbook from External DVD drive

Desktop needs to get . "maximized"

malware problem

Mouse Disabled?

Strange Network Problem - Possible malware/virus?

zip to folder

Suspected virus/trojan.

Pesky Malware Worries Me

To Uninstall Vista and install xp

Unwanted home page keeps coming back

Malware or virus or something

Find bus of ram

Simple problem? need cure.

Wireless adapter setup

2 Windows XP Installations

PC hangs. Had TDSS rootkit odd

Sharing files with another PC

Please help malware problem

ati video card installation

Please Help Regarding Saving Pics To CD-RW's.

Annoying Pop-up

Installing The Same Program Twice?

My pc is horribly infected

How To Separate Two Live Mail Accounts

Fonts folder error after installing new fonts

Lost my mouse!

Remove Programs

how to make partition on hard drive!

Recovering lost passwords

PCKonnect Possible Malware


How to check for any keyloggers?

How to remove Popads123 - and - ZEDO ?

Infected Computer - PLEASE HELP!

Computer has desktop popups

malware problems with iMac/XP

Unwanted Web Site !

Switching Webcam and Recording On USB Connected Device

Two OS's

Sharing a scanner over a home network for free

Unable to remove those nasty ads

Burnt CD on WMP

cant get rid of drsnsrch and etc

Multiple Interface Problems - Possible Spyware Hijack

pop-ups all over

Device Manager listings - other devices - how do I identify the h/w?

Can I Use Two Usb Mic's In Xp

Infected computer help

No Access to USB

Laptop wont format.

How 2 use 2 vista OSs in the same machine

Computer's old mobo died

keylogger or not?

booting from flash drive

Problem with DVD's

Problem with wireless streaming

2 monitors -- 2 things but different?

Stubborn Interpol Virus won't go away

Switching my OS

How many levels of protection does XP have?

how to remove win32/polycrypt

Installing Windows 7 On a Fresh HDD

playing videos through remote desktop possible somehow? and use poweriso mounting too

tabs and tabs of youtube

Computers Taking More Than 10 Mts To Load Desktop

How to uninstall Smart 6 program without using GIGABYTE mb.

IE msn.com hope page blank

Impossible to get rid of dll's in system32 folder

New Internet Windows Poping Up!

Need help with pop-ups and computer running really slow.

Is my computer infected

how to redo my computer without recovery disk

Removing unwanted downloads

Inserting Unicode characters

malware? slow computer.

Trojan disabling Show hidden filed/folders etc

urgent help with passwords

Need help understanding article

Constant Popups

transferring files between old and new harddrive

Unwanted dating pop-ups in IE

horrible reoccuring pc infection

PC Infection!

pls help me remove this annoying A360

Win RAR volume corruption

Lot of popups

Virus wiped Windows Vista

Pop-ups like mad

PC is redirecting about every other time I do something

Multiple symptoms: programs not opening

Adware.CoolWeb can't be cleaned completely

IE 7 Constant Popups

Protecting Computers

OS is corrupted

Multiple .dll errors

all my files turn to shortcuts

Numerless Popups

Problem running programs in First Steps due to virus and malware

How to fix MBR (remove multiple installations) and install Windows 7

Problem with Malware

f1 key required at startup

Copy programs from one HD to the other?

need to remove a network

I would like to reformat my pc

Reformat ? RE:keeping a OEM Restore Partition

Removing MyStart

How to setup startup computer with 2 HDD and 2 different OS .

Badly Infected laptop.

Laptop infected with antivirus live. Please help!

Experiencing difficulties after installing new GPU drivers.

how increase downloading speed on torrent

May have a malware in my computer

Installing Windows XP Pro Over Vista

Retrieve deleted webmail text from cache?

Default connection

Vista has blocked a website?

Help Un-installing a program

help with spyware adware

Need Help In Removing Virus/Malware

Fixing Keyboard Issue With Repair Install

printer/o.s. question

Play differnt audio tracks for video media player

How to restore Re-Named Files?

virus removed

Internet Pages look to small

Icon problem :(

I cant print from Laptop

icons highlited

May have a keylogger

cannot open pendrive at cybercafe

Can't Play or Uninstall Games

Win Vista - popups

Antivir disabled

Win 7 Physical Memory Issue

Permissions Vista in batches

Computer Virus Help

malware issues :(

Setting Password to enable network

Outlook Express spam handling problem

File Explorer unhides when comma key is pressed

Websites blocked.

Attaching files to word documents

How to remove SecuROM Rootkit

google.ca search redirecting

Been Keylogged! Need software to search & destroy!

Startup Applications

files don't show in folders

Mcafee referred me to you all for help. Trojan/virus removal troubles!

Linking two towers with Vista into one system

Can not delete virus - preventing programs.

Malware/Fake Antivirus software/Computer slow/Cant run GMER without getting blue scre

i cant uninstall service pack3

HELP! can't remove malware

Laptop crashes

Endless popups and a clean spybot!

How to start xp when infected

Hiding A Partition

Second Window in IE

How to remove start up applications?

Windows XP messed up my Ipod Mini please help

How to restore the search command in start menu windows xp

how do i restore 'my backup' folder?

down load corruption

Looking for a program to burn CD/DVD's as "checkpoints"

Virus Suspected - Computer slow and programs closing unexpectedly

Need help cleaning a load of spyware + viruses

New Laptop Win 8 Formatting Question

Pc virus need help to get rid please!

Possible maleware infection

Any ways to improve PC speed

Winrar unzips to which folder?

How to uninstall safesearch.net

How to selectively delete unwanted stuff from wordpad?


unwanted popups - followed 5 steps

Nothin seems to be workin. Plz help me!

Constant game crashes on XP pro

Erasing informations

My Computer log.

Corupt Hard Disk problem

Adware and Spyware problem on my pc

Need some help I cant get rid of this virus

windows opens up in Full Screen mode!

Had to format computer not got tons of Driver issues.

How do i get good quality videos while using my 34" HD LCD TV as a monitor?

persistent pop-ups

Parents PC out of control

Can not get wires in home to work.

Administrator Rights

Virus I Can't Get Rid Of.

FirstBuild from Scratch. XP Installation Problem

Need serious help! Cpu usage!

Viewable screen size in Vista

Can't get rid of MyStart homepage

How do I delete an entry from my hosts file?

Missing files following "virus"

How do I determine CPU Usage?

Spyware Problem.

Possible Virus/Malware. Please Help

Lag during game with my friend on same network

Added new memory to my laptop?


Printer problem: I can't clear/cancel pending print

aol stop help

Malware or virus troubles?

Can someone check this log?

Virus keeps trying to hijack my desktop

Malware attack help please

computer ALWAYS talks like 30min to start

USB messed up. bad.

Problem with a friend's computer

Help check my computer. I think it is infected.

Moving this up - still need help

saving drivers before reinstall

Display using two screens

Result after spyware removal

Livestreams are so laggy.

Popups every 5 mins with IE (not FFox)

Backing Up My Harddrive.

won't come out of hibernate

Please Help with DOS

keylogger still possible ?

Virus's have taken over my machine help!1

Take it to a Pro?

Cleaning your system.all the way?

Rebuilding hard drive

Cannot log into XP (likely virus vs. malware)

Continuous Pop Ups

Problems with two HDD config

Same problem with FURootkit Trojan appearing again after being cleaned by antivius

Please Help - Affected Computer

I hate Google Redirect Problems

Web Site Viewer keeps popping up!

Wierd Rootkit

CPU performance problem- could it be rogue anto-spyware?

Help! Possible Virus on Windows 7

Extremely Stubborn Virus/Malware

Reformating without a disk.

Quick question: What did I do? (Images Library)

Limited User Accounts and Folder Accesses

computer messed up

Spyware and Adware problems.

How to remove rootkits?

backup to dvd

[resolved] Infected File I can't remove

Google/Yahoo Redirect (waitsearch.ws) IMPOSSIBLE to remove!

how to get rid of spyware

Bad Malware infection - Spy-rid

how to i remove these?

help installing theme

How to completely uninstall IE 7

Major problem with pop-ups & spyware

Malware - Am I infected

Laptop cleaned

Windows XP Date and Time settings

fixing a friend's computer!

I think I have a keylogger but I don't know what to do!

Pop-ups (adverts) via IE

need help fixing computer

adware/internet crashing

I have a problem with malware.

copy newest user data when OS not working to

Cant get into windows missing corrupt files - Help!

how to save gmail mails in my account

Screen/display size problem

Using already installed apps

Uninstall extensions

How to find out if the website you are on is real?

Infected Computer with Malware or some sort

Recently Infected. Please Advice

removed a virus

Win8 Internet Active - Browsers/Security cannot access - Virus Suspected

Cannot open folders and files after reinstalling Win XP

Problem with a corrupted file.

icon change on desktop?

How do i use my lightscribe dvd-rom?

My laptop is infected

Preventing certain web pages from opening

Sites my wife can no longer get to

can't close screens

cleaning up old computer

Back up of new laptop

Have a badly infected laptop need help!

Problems with naming MP3 files in Windows Explorer

Removing XP

Rootkit Question / Possible Fix

virus removal windows 7

spyware/malware help. norton blocks bad email did the 5 steps

IE8 Favorites/Bookmarks too slow

How to track use history?

KillDisk reformat HP Omnibook 900

Need help with this virus

top browser bar looks weird and keyboard misses keystrokes

Formatting Error

hibernate problem i think?

Random tabs + pop-ups in IE

Smart Malware on my pc need Help!

Can't find a program in Add/Remove Programs

Malware problems?

Please help me to get back task manager and rid the evil hackers from my computer

slow pc slow internet please help fix my moms pc

How do I disable scandisk in XP?

chg printer properties so I can print'mirror imsged

How to get Firefox?

Blocking videos

how to get rid of pop-ups?

Help bad weird popups

CD Burning Issue w/pics

Creating a user account

Scroll Through C:\ Drive

How-to Increase Internet Explorer speed (Guide)

Can't remove spyware

Lost folders while moving

typing in other language

URGENT - Increase RAM size

Problem adding extra HDD

explorer windows opens

How can you prevent these unwanted homepages?

Write Protected Files

Deleting Drivers

malware/virus help.*did first steps*

You have a security problem! Malware and spyware

How to remove NEOPETS screensaver

Weird computer boot issues

Forwarding unopend email in hotmail.

Two PCs

want to reload os

Lost file needs recovering

Connecting to the internet

extend windows (on a laptop) to a second monitor

Vista-Broadband/DSL connection problem

attempting to clean up my cpu

what happened to my backup drive memory?

trojan in vista

Symbol being added onto my document icons.

unique undeletable files - help please!

Computer Infected

IE advertisment pop-ups in Vista

just installed xp - my hard drive is divided into two virtual drives - no space avail

how to set a password on the computer before it loads the operating system

Unwanted disc scan on start up

Constant pops up - cpvfeed redirect

Recovering from 'Windows Repair' (Virus/Malware) .folders and icons still

Two Installations (WXP-Pro)

Vundo? Pop-Ups mis-direction and others

How do I remove Vista from my computer now that I have Window 7 installed?

Conecting my laptop to a monitor

Replacing Hard Drive after Virus

internet connects when it wants to

Recurring trojans on an old laptop

Continuously finding malware and removing virus

I think I have malwares - need assistence

Google Search Re-Directs.System Frozen

how to find out the password for my guest account

Spyware on my Computer

Salvaging information from a computer that won't start up

Accessing shared folders

uninstall a program

Are any of these files keyloggers?

Original or not original?

Please help make this computer useful again

Windows start up.

Could someone help me remove these popups!

Popup ads won't go away

Been having problems with several viruses

No space on "empty" DVD R

Windows 7 issue? Virus/Malware issue? or HP issue? i don't know

How to create a bootable Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit disc

Computer slow - Spyware doctor suggests infections

All applications are blocked from internet access

Do I need to do a full system restore?

Booting from DVD drive

I think spyware crashed my system

Help me get rid of this virus please!

Help Please! I Got A Virus!

my antivirus is gettin stuck in system 32 plz help.

Possible Malware issue

searchin1stem addware removal

Dad's comp. tons of popups. slower than it was

firefox thinks firefox homepage is not safe

multiple operting systems

How can we merge 2 drives in vista

Unsure Whether My Computer is Fully Cleaned

Showing signs of infection from malware please help

How to fix event 4226 error?

Getting rid of msn.com email due to spyware.

Help cleaning up computer before antispyware installation

How to disable Java in IE and Firefox ?

X out and End Task Problems

Unwanted Start-Up Screen.

Virus and or spyware problems.

Re-installation/re-format error!

Multiple viruses/malware/system errors

Font colors on file names

Tracking Cookies and Spyware- Computer extremely slow and program failures

Windows -64 bit is getting crashed

IE8 favorites bookmark sidebar

I think I have a trojan horse. System restore and malwarebytes won't work.

Random pop-ups

Unlock locked folders.

How to boost my HP laptop sound?

completele transfer of data to new hdd

delete boot loader option

Video Decoder --- how to uninstall ?

How to set preferred media player

I might have malware and i have tried everything!

Help laptop seems to have trogans/ spyware

Computer may have virus?

How to stay completely anonymous.

right clicking on internet photos

adjust date/time

4 hijack tools and rootkits found

How to delete google?

windows problem post virus cleanup

How to get rid of 'I.E.8' Pop-up when starting Win.7?

Using recovery discs after formatting C and installed another windows.

Need Help Removing Unwanted/Harmful Objects

Homepage Stuck on MSN

Computer performances better when.

Having Issues Updating Avast / Websites Being Blocked


Unwanted files-How to delete.

Rootkit infection?

Think my system is infected

After removing virus

Need help getting rid of (Yontoo?) popup ads

AVG Firewall blocking ip setting?

Laptop not loading after defrag and system clean

Clearing URL bar

help on blocking a program from the internet

MSN hijacking my links on IE 8

Notices on my comp

removing virus

how to send photo without attachment

Retrieving accidentally deleted IE history

Blue screen with 2 ram sticks

pc- phone connectivity

Scan with another computer?

voice report on boot

Thumbnail View For Photos in Folders

my system infected with mylovefacebook virus

help with spyware - popups and slow running computer

infecte virus pc got slow

Slow Pc online or off

Preventing key logger from running

Possible Malware

dusty environment

No Sound From Laptop To Television

How to reuse DVD-RW for DVD Recorder

Computer Virus Help! "System Tools" taking over PC!

Have a look for virus's

PC taken over by spyware and virus!

restore favourites

How to stop programs from crashing? (important)

Multi-Issue Home Computer [crashes-viruses-malware-other]

Deploy Win XP using Norton Ghost

Problem with OneStep and various malware

no taskbar shows up when moving cursor down

create secure folder

How to remove a CTTheme message

Fixing Office after a System Recovery

Making my documents private

how to change my cpus from 400mh to 600mh and speed up my computer

How to turn off WinMedia Player 10 CD burner

New Folder Help!

Deleting large "shared" folder

Can't get on my city's craigslist!HELP

After virus checking and cleaning

Difficult to Remove Virus or Spyware

Swithcing Between O/S's

Possible Virus/Adware - Google redirects

Make Windows OneCare default to Home mode

Copying settings from Old Disk to New Installation. *

Hidden Drives

how to boot from USB & format C

My computer is infected with something

Help removing Malware

getting rid of a computer

computer is messed up

Vista install hardrive problem

how to know if there is (are) any hidden disks partitions

Running 2 OS

connecting to wireless printer

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