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hijackthis log.need solution

pls hav a look at hijackthis log & let me knw derez any problem with it plss

1st time ever Hijackthis logfile help!

HiJackThis Log 9-28-04

Need help on HijackThis Log

HijackThis Log and Analyzer - CPU 100%


hijackthis log - Help Please

Hijackthis Log; pop ups on restarting/shutting off Comp

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Hijackthis log; NSIS Popups

Help with HijackThis logfile please?

HiJackThis Log Address Bar Doesn't Work

Need Help with hijackthis log. *Please Help*

HiJackThis Log - Help

HijackThis Log file - big problems

Hijackthis Log - Help with SLOW computer

Need help with hijackthis log please =\

Please Help With Hijackthis Log!

Hijackthis log - Nasty CWS about:blank hijacker

Hijackthis log - slow performance

Hijackthis log - Problem with w.exe?

HijackThis log help required.Thanks!

Need Help for Hijackthis log

hijackthis log; was unable to run panda scan

Help.Hijackthis log

hijackthis log previous post unanswered please help this time.

Hijackthis log sdfix log and pic

Here is my HiJackThis Log.need your help!

hijackthis log plz help

HijackThis Log: Please help Diagnose

HiJackThis Log Help-CWS.Feads spyware

Hijackthis log file: Spyaxe

HijackThis Log (Spy Sheriff+more)

Hijackthis log. Can someone tell me what to delete from this log.

HiJackThis Log for a Slow Computer

Need help with my hijackthis log

HijackThis log-o-rama

hijackthis log- completed 5 steps

Could someone analyze my my Hijackthis log?

Help with spyware-hijackthis log

Help me pls - hijackthis log

HijackThis log help please.Is there any Nasties here?

HIJACKTHIS LOG Please kindly help

HijackThis Log: Locked Wallpaper

Clean HijackThis Log?

[Hijackthis Log Help] Slow When Running Program/Browser Laggy

Please Help -- HijackThis Log

HijackThis Log & ComboFix report

Check HiJackThis Log Please

Problems with XP and web browsing (have hijackthis log)

Computer Hijacked-Hijackthis log

hijackthis log "Please Help"

HiJackThis Log; Few Problems

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