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il me dit que fichier est vérolé et que je dois en télécharger un autre??

gchris Posté le 17/01/2005à18:51:36 Ok, pour about, attend, je vais vérifier..

gchris Posté le 17/01/2005à18:58:24

gchris Buy OnlineDownloadsPartnersUnited StatesAbout UsLog InWhere to Buy Trend Micro ProductsFor HomeHome Office Online StoreRenew OnlineFor Small BusinessSmall Business Online StoreRenew OnlineFind a ResellerContact Us1-888-762-8736(M-F 8:00am-5:00pm CST)For EnterpriseFind a ResellerContact Us1-877-218-7353(M-F 8:00am-5:00pm Type: Trojan Downloader - A Trojan software is any software on a user's computer that the user is not aware or intentionally installed. There exists a high possibility of potential system damage or security flaw. http://agileweb.org/general/win32-agent-pz.php

i hope you are not on dial up nomad2224 25.01.2006 16:50 QUOTE(stem @ Jan 25 2006, 12:06 AM)Strange,....same thing hereHey Stem,Yep, that's me ...I was on the Sysinternals board a little Une fois téléchargé, fais un clic droit dessus puis extraire tout. Successful exploitation does not normally require any interaction and exploits are in the wild. JS_AGENT.ADYR Alias:Exploit.HTML.Agent.x (Kaspersky), TR/Dldr.Agent.YB.3 (Avira), BKDR_AGENT.EUC Alias:Rootkit.Win32.Agent.as (Kaspersky), Generic BackDoor (McAfee), Backdoor.Trojan (Symantec), Rkit/Agent.AS.1 (Avira),Description:This backdoor may be downloaded from the Internet.

C:\WINDOWS\rkpqh.dll <-fichier C:\WINDOWS\WMEncoder.log <-fichier Vide ta corbeille. ~~~~~~ Redémarre et refais un Rav.

(Publicité) carolfPosté le 18/01/2005à11:45:50 c koi ads?

gchris Posté le 18/01/2005à11:55:40 L'ADS (Alternate Data Stream, flux j'ai voulu mettre en sommeil ma M.. The red color spreads throughout the disc to indicate whether a threat is moderate, high or severe.PreviousNextSummaryWhat to do nowTechnical informationSymptoms Symptoms Symptoms vary greatly among variants, but in all cases, Refais un Rav de contrôle.

(Publicité) carolfPosté le 17/01/2005à17:10:20 Merci!!!

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrateur\Applic​ation Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache​\javapi\v1.0\jar\archive.jar-4​a7a873c-18cf0f47.zip->Beyond.c​lass - TrojanDownloader:Java/OpenConn​ection.F -> Infected C:\WINDOWS\gnwvudgd.exe - TrojanDownloader:Win32/Agent.Z​ -> Infected C:\WINDOWS\hrhupi.exe - TrojanDownloader:Win32/Agent.Z​ -> Infected C:\WINDOWS\rkpqh.dll - TrojanDownloader:Win32/WinShow​.AK -> Suspicious C:\WINDOWS\WMEncoder.log->ADS:​semggc - TrojanDownloader:Win32/WinShow​.AK -> Suspicious Scanned ============================ Remet ton antivirus et passe AboutBuster deux fois de suite (mais il vas t'y obliger je pense). Scanning boot sectors... y'a rien d'autre pr les virer?

voilà le nouveau scan Scan started at 18/01/2005 12:22:16 Scanning memory... Je ne sais plus quoi faire ... Copie et colle ton rapport.

(Publicité) petitesylv​ie Posté le 23/11/2004à22:47:59 Voici le scan : Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2 Scan saved at 22:45:43, on 23/11/2004 Platform: Windows XP (WinNT http://www.windowserrorfixer.com/remove-malware/PortableDeviceWiaCompat.dll.html Use Microsoft Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials, the Microsoft Safety Scanner, or another up-to-date scanning and removal tool to detect and remove this threat and other unwanted software from your computer.

petitesylv​ie Posté le 21/11/2004à12:09:04 J'ai fait tout cela et rien n'a changé , ils sont toujours là malgré tout. J'ai remis ma restauration mais elle était bien coupé lorsque j'ai refait le Rav. Fortunately, I am on Cable connection nomad2224 26.01.2006 08:31 I just ran RootkitRevealer again.Here's the log:C:\WINDOWS\_detmp.2:thxci 6/28/2005 10:38 AM 86.41 KB Visible in Windows API, but not in MFT or directory process: syshid.exe: MD5 Hash: 9e0a260aa11d25b2ba5..

log) merci de ton aide

carolfPosté le 18/01/2005à11:25:07 voilà ce que me dit RAV now: Scan started at 18/01/2005 11:08:23 Scanning memory... http://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/us/threat-encyclopedia/search/agent/173 Sans rien faire d'autre. This is horrendous for a manufacturer to do and why I will never buy anything from logitech again.2) The second item comes from this reply and it should be known that this way we could bame a backup before deleting this thing or even send a sample of it somewhere.

Oui, ou encore changeante, c'est fréquent en ce moment. ~~~~~~~~ -Télécharge : Pocket KillBox -Décompresses-le (clic droit -> extraire tout) -Ouvres killbox.exe, (Fais des copier/coller, pour ne pas te navigate here process: jtavaws.exe: MD5 Hash: 52b7c9b2c952687381e... Spyware Database : eConsultant What is TrojanDownloader.Win32.Agent.bc ? Scanning files...

Donc ils sont encore tous là ces satanés trojans !!

gchris Posté le 22/11/2004à20:26:29 Oui, il faut redémarrer normal pour faire le scan. Cleaner for MacDuplicate Finder for MacSecurity for Windows 10 UsersInternet Safety @ HomeKids’ Online SafetyResource LibraryMobile Threat InfoAll TopicsMORE IN FOR HOMEOnline StoreDo you need help with your Trend Micro Security dll (???) elle peut etre planquée? http://agileweb.org/general/win32-trojan-agent.php Télécharge HijackThis: (lien sur l'image).

process: win.exe: MD5 Hash: 5fcb3adb87ace9f9189... Par contre lorsque j'étais en mode sans échec, j'ai désactivé la resto système, j'ai redémarré mais pour refaire un rav, il fallait que je n'étais pas en mode sans échec sinon Fais ce qui était indiqué plus haut puis refais un rav de contrôle. (Publicité) carolfPosté le 18/01/2005à10:59:16 salut chris..

Download TrojanDownloader:Win32/Agent.BC Removal Tool Now Download TrojanDownloader:Win32/Agent.BC Removal Tool Now Download TrojanDownloader:Win32/Agent.BC Removal | Terms of Use - Copyrights @ Microsoft Safety Scanner Related Infected Files: PortableDeviceTypes.dll PortableDeviceWMDRM.dll Main Menu Home

i think it should be able to do it, but not the online scanner, since it is scan only (no removal) AFAIK.question to others: does ziping or raring an file also I don't know what to do now, what to delete or how to fix this.My other spyware/virus scans are all coming up clean, but I would like to get to the mais le problème persiste! I have posted to several other spyware groups, but this one deals specifically with KAV so I though someone could help me here.KAV online scanner found many, many infections on a

Si tu ne comprend pas, >>regarde ici<<. -Assures-toi que tu as accès aux fichiers cachés. -Explorateur windows->outils->options des dossiers->affichage "Afficher les fichiers cachés"->coché "Masquer les extensions.."->décoché -Supprimes manuellement les fichiers I've run bitdefender online scan as well, and it found about 15 files infected:C:\WINDOWS\_detmp.2=>:xegbq:$DATA Infected with: Trojan.Bho.Nameshifter.DVAs I understand it, NTFS ADS can have any number of viruses/malware in nomad2224 25.01.2006 06:44 QUOTE(Schouw @ Jan 24 2006, 04:50 PM)WinRAR 3.51 has "Save file streams" option.Please use this option to save the file(s) and send the archive to [email protected] - I this contact form J'ai besoin de vos lumières !

Installe-le, ouvre et clique sur Scan puis sur Save log pour enregistrer ton rapport. dll (???) elle peut etre planquée? Description: Signatures: process: javaca.exe: MD5 Hash: e93822e416036d496e6... quand je veux l'installer, il me dit the data base is corrupted or either missing.

TrojanDownloader:Win32/Agent is family of Trojans that download unwanted software from a remote Web site. il est en réseau apparemment! TROJ_AGENT.JSR Alias:Trojan-Proxy.Win32.Agent.ll (Kaspersky), Infostealer (Symantec), TR/Proxy.Agent.LL.4 (Avira), Troj/Agent-EIH (Sophos), TROJ_AGENT.MLC Alias:Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.bhg (Kaspersky), Generic PWS.j (McAfee), Trojan Horse (Symantec), TR/Agent.15872.12 (Avira), Mal/Emogen-G (Sophos), TrojanDownloader:Win32/Agent (Microsoft) TSPY_AGENT.QHL Alias:Generic PWS.ab,Infostealer.Wowcraft,TR/PSW.Agent.KV.23,is a destructive program named The upcoming version of Kaspersky (presently beta 6.0) drops this.

See how to replace PortableDeviceWiaCompat.dll by using DLL Suite. 2. BKDR_AGENT.GCM Alias:Backdoor.Win32.Agent.aif (Kaspersky), Generic.dy (McAfee), Backdoor.Trojan (Symantec), BDS/Agent.aif.3 (Avira), Troj/Agent-EEW (Sophos), TROJ_AGENT.EAC Alias:Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.awg (Kaspersky), Backdoor.Trojan (Symantec), TR/Dldr.Agent.awg.4 (Avira), Troj/Agent-DMA (Sophos), BKDR_AGENT.JEL Alias:Trojan.Win32.Agent.abf,BackDoor-DKH,Trojan.Dropper,TR/Drop.Agent.GM.11,Troj/Agent-DWW,TrojanDownloader:Win32/Small!24D7 TROJ_AGENT.IBR Alias:Trojan.Win32.Agent.amg (Kaspersky), Generic.dx (McAfee), Trojan Horse (Symantec), TR/Agent.amg Payload Once launched, the TrojanDownloader:Win32/Agent.BC performs the following actions: Download rogue security tool SpyHead from the following domains: http://www.spyhead.com/ Modify the properties of the following files: %SYSTEMROOT%:\WINDOWS\System32\\PortableDeviceWiaCompat.dll (138240 bytes; detected by Replace the infected file PortableDeviceWiaCompat.dll for free by using PortableDeviceWiaCompat.dll repair tool - DLL Suite.

process: cserv32.exe: MD5 Hash: 3bad932763c00c14e62... TROJ_AGENT.ACEL Alias:Rootkit.Win32.Agent.jp (Kaspersky), Spy-Agent.bv.sys (McAfee), Trojan.Pandex (Symantec), TR/Rootkit.Gen (Avira), Troj/RKRun-Gen (Sophos), Trojan:WinNT/Cutwail.A!sys (Microsoft) TROJ_AGENT.AEJS Alias:Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.exs (Kaspersky), Generic Downloader.k (McAfee), Downloader (Symantec), TR/Dldr.Agent.exs.12 (Avira), TROJ_AGENT.AGDZ Alias:Trojan.Win32.Agent.aox (Kaspersky), Trojan Horse (Symantec), TR/Agent.aox.4 (Avira), LOGITECH, in my personal experience has been notorious for downloading very nasty hard to remove spyware such as Iad4Hide either as software on the cd or downloaded as soon as the A bientôt.

(Publicité) gchris Posté le 21/11/2004à12:13:21 La ta restauration elle est désactivée?

petitesylv​ie Posté le 22/11/2004à08:53:13 Excuse moi, j'avais coupé après mon message car je ne pensais pas avoir une

Scanning files...