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Some programs use 100% CPU

CPU constantly at 100% as laptop slows to a halt

CPU usage 100% with no programs running

CPU reaches 100% while playing video

XP running slow - cpu shows 100%

Computer getting unsual CPU Usage high at around 100%

Adobe Acrobat X high CPU usage after closing

CPU maxed out

unexplained CPU usage high

something is using 50% of my pc and it's not me

CPU Usage 100%?

CPU Usage is en fuego.

Internet Explorer freezes - 100% CPU usage

cpu 100% and then turns off. any ideas what's causing this?

0% CPU usage / Very Slow

IE CPU Usage 100%

Sound breaks up on startup & cpu nearly 100% most of the time

HijackThis Log: problem with speed and CPU usage

100% CPU Usage

Unusually high CPU usage

99% CPU Usage

CPU peaking 100% freeze

Computer Slow Freezes and High Cpu

Possible Malware - Machine Constantly running at 100%

CPU Usage high

Constant CPU Usage flucuation

My CPU usage is sky high all the time

High CPU usage for nothing

please help:a virus on my laptop uses 99% of cpu

CPU at unusually high loads

100% CPU usage problem - Help!

CPU running @ 100%

CPU 100% usage all the time using XP

CPU usage out of control/slower comp too

Explorer.exe creeping up to 100% CPU usage

Help! CPU usage varying

100%CPU on Acer Aspire5515 os is VHE

CPU usage spikes to 40% every 10 seconds.

Abnormal CPU usage percent

CPU Usage always at 100 % ! =(

CPU goes crazy when I open programs.

cpu usage often at 100% - help!

100% cpu usage in 1 account

high cpu usage after fresh install

High CPU usage.

popups/pc almost forzen (cpu usage)

CPU usage 100% when visiting simple web pages

PCTAVsvc.exe takes 100% of cpu usage and windows slows down alot

help with lowering processes

MSIE Slow/Freezes- CPU 100%

Very High CPU

100% CPU Usage probably ccsvchst

2 amd c 60apu processors running on my brand new ASUS computer

CPU Usage is consistently over 90%

Explorer.exe taking up 50% of CPU usage

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