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Windows 7 barely works but no virus.?

Computer runs very slowly

Windows XP slows down but doesn't detect virus

Computer getting slower

Computer Running Horribly

Followed the 5 steps Still have slow system - browsing

Computer is slow.

Computer slowdown

computer running really slow

consumerpromotioncenter.com ; . Slow computer

Computer acting slower then normal.

computer goign slow

Computer is slow.Pls. Help

Computer slowed down significantly

Another Slow System

Computer running very slowly

Computer running slow.

Computer Running Excrutatingly slow

Computer really slow.

Computer really slowing down.

Sluggish computer and more probs.help plz

Ran my Utilities but System still very slow

Troubleshooting steps for slow startup

Computer running much slower than normal.

IE very very Slow because of ads234 automatic Routing

supper slow comp cant seem to fix hlp plz

slow PC due to being always corrupted

Computer running very slow - Help Please

Older PC incredibly slow - no malware though

Spyware and viruses slowing computer

PC getting slower by the day.

Computer slow

Computer running slowly

Newish Computer Running Slowly

computer running slow sluggish again

Please help. Viral problem computer slowed down

moved up: computer being REALLY REALLY slow

computer getting slow

Computer running slooooow

afew things slowing me down at times

Search Hijacked and pc slightly sluggish

slow running computer!

Please help! (slow comp and lost of new downloads)

Slow boot up - hardware issue or virus?

Computer Acting Up Bad.

Slow Computer Problems (Moved from Other Operating Systems)

Looking for help- slow computer

Computer running slowly (VunDrop

Computer's super slow

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