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Screen freezing

computer freezing and hanging during boot

Computer Momentarily Freezes

Computer freezes quite often

Computer randomly hanging

Please help (PC Freezes)

My computer badly locks up when I'm browsing on the internet.

Computer hangs on boot

Computer freezing after short period of use (5-60 minutes)

Computer Freezing Up With Various Programs

Computer freezes

second try: PC switches to screensaver only and freezes

PC just freezes.

Downloads freezes

Computer crashes when "busy"

Computer is jump freezing!

Computer regularly freezing up

Having random lockups.

Computer freezes for a few seconds then resumes. Please Help!

Windows7-64 bit freeze when idle

Computer freezing

Videos Crash Laptop

blue screen serious error crashes - distorted sound

computer locks up every minute when it's idle

Computer freezes up

PC hangs at desktop

Computer Freezes for 5 seconds

Computer lock-ups

Computer boots to desktop

Strange freezing problem when running normally.

Random Freezings in the most random times =( please help

Large Downloads Causing freezing!

Constant freezing

Computer freezes up after monitor wakes up

constant freezes

Computer Freezing During Videos

Computer hanging on standby

My computer freezes every few minutes!

PC freezing not much working

Computer Freezes on Startup

PC Freezes and Reboots Randomly

Computer crashes after on for 20 minutes

Lost internet + Computer freezes

Computer problem - computer froze

panda and dss post computer freezes and acts strangly slow randomnly

Pc Freezes randomly while using internet.

laptop freezes while playing youtube videos/flash games?

When streaming video computer freezes

My Computer Freezes All The Time. Help Me.

Some programs freezing

Multi Range Problem spanding from computer freezing

Windows hangs on Boot

Internet Crashes My Comp

Freeze during online video streaming requiring hard reset.

Computer freezes during Crysis - Could someone pls check these minidump files

Computer freezes but can move my mouse

Computer freezing and having trouble shutting down/restarting

Crash w/o BSOD or Error in Event Log?

Comp Freeze - help?

Browser locks up while surfing the net

Mouse hanging up and maybe too many processes

PC randomly freezes

Freeze/Locks at login

My PC keeps on freezing randomly every 2-5 minutes

Computer Lockup/Freeze

Computer randomly freezes for a period of time

PC freezes all the time

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